Who we are ?

ToolsUtility is a online free developer tools which allows you to minify/unminify/formatting to your code like html/json/css/string/source code.

It will providing some kind of developer tools for help of developers and any other users to develop applications and other uses.

Here you can use some kind of common and special type of tools.

How to use?

ToolsUtility is a simple and comfirtable tool. it is easy to use for every users. to get a required result/output, just paste or type your input as required like string, htnl, url or any other inputs then you will get your reliable result/output.

In evry tools, you will see two types of box one box is available for input and secound box for your output. for you help and support we also mentioned name as "INPUT or OUTPUT".

How it work?

ToolsUtility will work started after enter/paste your input and click on button which will available on upper side. some kind of tolls wills started work after entered/pasted your inputs it workes on key press then you will see your perfect output.

  1. Have a backup before using this tool to make sure you can always revert back to your original document.
  2. Check your code before publishing. We are not responsible for any errors.
  3. Our website never saves or sends your documents, all operations are performed on your local computer.